Sunday, December 11, 2011

Elf on the Shelf & More!

The first pictures I would like to share is the kids decorating our classroom Christmas tree.

 Mr. Thomas had an extra special delivery for us all the way from the North Pole!
Mrs. Kelley opened up our gift & guess what it was?!? Our very own classroom Elf on the Shelf!
I placed our new Elf in our newly decorated Christmas tree so he could have a good view of the class during story time.

Next, we read the Elf on the Shelf book. The kids were amazed!

According to the book, the first direction was to name our Elf. "Elfie" won by a landslide.
We were very excited all day long about our new friend. This is what we found on day 2.

Elfie filled "E's" bucket! I believe he wrote what a wonderful student she was & she always follows directions, listens, & does her best. This made "E's" day! 

Next we made a Christmas list of only 3 items. We also had to come up with 3 reasons why we deserved these gifts. 
The next morning we found Elfie hanging on our behavior chart with a note. We had to wait patiently until after announcements, lunch count, & attendance before we read the note. Basically, Elfie was very tired & disappointed with the classroom behavior.  Several notes were not delivered to the North Pole the night before :o( Once Elfie saw the behavior improve he delivered the notes. 

Mrs. Kelley did a Hanukkah lesson & this is what we found when we returned from Art. Papa Smurf, Elfie, Pete the Cat, The Grinch, & Santa bear were playing the dreidel! The dreidel song was even playing LOUDLY on the smartboard!
Now look at what that Elfie did!!!
After we discussed some behavior issues we have been having we did an activity about being bucket fillers. After we wrote about it I made a copy of all the letters so that Elfie can deliver some & we had a copy for our memory book ;o) 
We also wrote a letter to Santa telling him how good we will behave in school.
Mrs. Tarrant buzzed our room & told us we had a special delivery from the North Pole....again! What did we do to deserve this?!?
A skirt! Holy cuteness! The girls were screaming "Elfie's a girl, Elfie's a girl!"
We went to gym & this is what we found when we returned. Elfie was on top of the math fact sheets with a note! He wrote "I'm watching you!"
Elfie & Papa Smurf (from when I was little) were doing "Read to Someone!"
Here is the class showing off their gingerbread man projects. I had to get one last picture with Mrs. Kelley. We will miss her :o( 
We can't wait to see what Elfie does this week. To be continued................
If you read this blog have your child or grandchild tell me I owe them a big fuzzy.