Monday, September 22, 2014

Welcome to 1st Grade!

How hard is it to get 21 first graders to smile in the same pic? Very! I posted all the ones I took. Pick your favorite, right click & save it to your computer.
We rockin AR at Protsman!
Peek at "Read to Self" or silent reading time.
Building our stamina during word work! They are not playing Candy Land, they are playing a learning game!
Building our stamina for math stations. They are playing an addition Candy Land game. They are having so much fun they don't even realize they are learning!
A peek at a brain break!

Book shopping!

Our first stamina stars!

I am so sorry it took me so long to get photos posted! I had some major problems with my home computer and finally got them resolved! Phew! I will do my best to take more pictures and load them at least once a month. If you read this blog post, tell your child I owe them a BIG FUZZY. Please make sure they whisper it to me! Word will spread fast..LOL. Bear down! Photobucket

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Just wanted to wish you a Happy Mother's Day! I sent these photos off to Meier to be printed....I also sent my mom out to pick them up & deliver them to us on Friday. Well, they did not print out correctly. I tried and was very upset when I wasn't able to send them home :o( Hope you enjoyed all your gifts from the kids. If you want your child's photo on your phone simply right click. I will send home the photos tomorrow even though they are cut off at the top. 

P.S. They are wearing sunglasses because they couldn't open their eyes! I felt so bad for them!