Sunday, October 16, 2011

That was "Easy", Chickens, Stars, Apples, Game Day & More

Did you ever wonder what the EASY button can be used for??? Well, I finally figured out a reason....

I love hearing "That was easy" go off all day! That is ringing to my ears that one of my students just passed an AR test & they were just dying to push that button & run to get their BIG warm fuzzy :)

You might have heard that I started to call my students that don't raise their hands "chickens". Yes, it's true, I do in fact call those little "blurters" chickens & that is my code that they owe me a fuzzy for not raising their hand. This is a fabulous story that inspired this little joke between us. We were having a problem with following that rule so something had to happen & it's amazing how many hands are in the air now. :o) 
We have been doing the "Work on Writing" rotation of Daily 5 for several weeks now & they LOVE IT! Here are some pictures of them writing in their journals. 

 And this is why we need seasonal stickers  & stamps......
You would be surprised how they race to write now! They love it! This is something that can be done at home as well :o) 

"J" as Star of the Week
"E" sitting in her throne as Star of the Week
Apple Unit Fun 

 Our first AR celebration! 
Game day with Mrs. Ramirez's class! 

Finally, here is a class picture to thank our H.S.A. for funding some books for our classroom! Our Daily 5 bins are bursting with new books! Yippee! 

If you read this blog have your child, grandchild, niece or nephew tell me I owe them a BIG FUZZY! Valid Monday morning ONLY.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Postcard Exchange & Skype

This is the front cover of our postcard we will be sending out at the end of October. I signed us up for my very first postcard exchange. We will be exchanging postcards with classrooms around the United States & even Germany & Great Britain! This is going to be very exciting for us & we will also be learning so much about all the other states & countries we are exchanging with. I ordered enough to send home a postcard with each child. I am hoping to hook up with a few classes to Skype with. Speaking of Skype, check this out.....
 This is how we see the teachers & Dr. Blohm at IUN. They just got finished watching the kids during their first "Word Work" rotation, which is part of Daily 5. Then the teachers read "Green Eggs & Ham" to them. 
How cool is that? I love it! I love the fact that my students get the opportunity to experience this in our classroom. Technology...I don't know how I taught without it! 
If you read this far, tell your child that I owe them a BIG WARM FUZZY for reading the blog. Deadline is Thursday morning. I must have a deadline because word will spread, trust me ;o)


Monday, October 3, 2011

Help Your Child Become a Better Reader

Do you want to know how to help your child become a better reader? Click HERE to find out how.