Thursday, December 27, 2012

Elf on the Shelf & holiday fun!

We got a call from the front office telling us we had a very cold package in the office!
After I read the book and we talked about our new surprise the kids went to special. This is where the elf was when we returned. 

Staring in amazement!

Fred changed the lunch choices!
Everyone got popcorn!
Reading Parts by Tedd Arnold to the Grinch!
He left the class some cereal!
Happy 50th Birthday Mr. Brown!
Hiding in the crayons!
He left us donuts but took a bite out of mine!
Fred left a bucket filler note!
Even when I was out sick he was still watching!
We caught Fred picking out what he wanted for Christmas!
Just "peeping" in to check on us!
Fred shredded all the homework!

Looking at the big mess!
Fred was found with band-aids all over him after he was stepped on & kicked a few times!
Our Elf on the Shelf daily journal!
The class showing off what Fred left for them!
We found Fred taking a nap. He was wiped out after a hectic day!
Uh-oh! Santa Claus wrote us some reminders about following the rules.
Fishing under the Grinch tree.
After we had our photo shoot we found Fred like this!
Fred left some twizzlers for everyone! He always takes a bite out of mine!
Uh-oh Fred brought coal as a warning.
We found Fred swinging on a candy cane when we returned from special.
Our class photo! Hope you liked it!

Thank you to our room moms for such a fun party! I think you can tell the kids really enjoyed it! I hope you are enjoying our winter break! See you soon!