Sunday, February 5, 2012

Winter fun, penguins & 100th Day!

Sorry it's been a while since I have blogged. We moved & it was a n.i.g.h.t.m.a.r.e! I don't think I'll ever move again...ever. We also have to sell our old house which requires working every night after teaching all day & every weekend. Needless to say, I am a busy girl right now. I made it a goal to update my classroom blog this weekend & you're in luck...I don't do football. So while the hubby is watching the game I am hiding out watching Lifetime & blogging for you & my little sweeties. 
I had to sneak in Bentley & Java. This is them when we brought them to the new house the first time. Aren't they precious?!?
This is Olive...she is a very bad girl. She is just about a year old & is a monster. This is the best picture I could get of her the first time she was at the house. Enough about my onto your kiddos. 
 Here they are in "Work on Writing" during Daily 5 (their favorite part of the day). 

 This is our listening center. They give me a thumbs up when they hear the story & then work on a book report after. 
 "A" & "Z" are in "Read to Someone" during Daily 5. 
 Here is "B" & "K" in the same station. 
 This group is working on a winter sentence scramble in "Word Work". 
This group is writing their spelling words on Magna Doodles in "Word Work". 
This group is typing in their spelling words & then writing them on our pretend Ipads. 
This group is typing in their spelling words. Great way to practice finding the right keys & reviewing their spelling words at the same time. 
 Here is a wonderful example of a sticker story from their January journal. The way they connect their ideas together into a story at this age amazes me. 

Here are some students showing off their January snowman family project. 

This is Mr. Crabs. He NEVER comes out when the kids are there but the second they leave he comes out of his shell! 
 Here is what they saw before they walked in our classroom door on the 100th day. 
 I should have taken a  video of this next part. They were cracking me up. I set our stamina timer for 100 seconds & had them do different exercises (hula hoop, jumping jacks, waddling, hopping, dancing) it was h.i.l.a.r.i.o.u.s!

 Now here are some individual pictures of each student. All the shirts, braids, necklaces, etc. were so creative! 

 Here is our 100th day trail mix snack. 

 Guess who loves penguins???? I went to a teacher workshop at Shedd Aquarium years ago & was hooked. 
 I had to take a back view of the first grade AR star rookery! 
 As a treat for the AR stars that made their January goal, they got to watch a penguin movie & eat krill! My rookery got to do lots of extra penguin activities to end our unit. We waddled back from library & it took about an hour ;o) 

Have your little penguin tell me you read the blog & I owe them a big fuzzy! I hope you enjoyed the blog.