Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Zoo pics & more!

I'm sorry it's been so long! It's Tuesday @ 11:15 pm & I'm so excited not to have to set my alarm..until August! I do really miss the kids, that is what made me post. I wanted to look at the pics & I promised I would post them. I hope you are enjoying the summer so far. Remember, keep them reading ALL SUMMER LONG!


 I do have some more zoo pics but I need to find them first. As soon as I locate the disc I will add them.

 After we named our caterpillars :o) We kept a journal & documented the growth & development.
AR Reward=Game Day!

More butterfly observations.........

I bet you have heard "I'm bored" already, am I right??? Here are some things I found online to keep those little brains working!
Click on the picture to print out a fridge copy. 

Try going to the following websites that I found on Pinterest................








Enjoy your summer!
Mrs. Dillard