Saturday, August 31, 2013

First Weeks of First Grade!

This is officially our first class picture. Any picture that you see you can right click on it & save it to your computer. I take a ton of pictures!!!! 

Here are their first day of school pictures. Enjoy! 
We started our very first day of book shopping. Each student has their own book bin & goes "shopping" for their books for the week. They were really excited about this.
We are going over our classroom rules and learning about each character.
Here we are doing various get to know you activities. This was a "find a friend" activity. 
This is a sneak peek at our classroom starting Daily 5. We are building our stamina in "Read to Self". Our first day we lasted 2 minutes. We built up our stamina throughout the week and we reached 15 minutes!!! They were so very excited!!!
Here we are doing a brain break. They get to get their wiggles out & give their brain a break. They really love this! 
After we traded in our fuzzies several students chose a brain break reward coupon. I can tell this is going to be one of their favorite coupons! 
Here is Mrs. Byrne (our classroom aide) reading the kids a book.
Building stamina! They all have their favorite spots to sit.
Searching for short i words using magnifying glasses. They are the best vowel detectives!
Rock, paper, scissors to see who goes first.
This was word work stations that I set up to review skills. They aren't the typical Candy Land games. They all are different learning games based on what we are working on. This is always a classroom favorite. They don't even realize they are learning! 

Our last brain break of the week! 
If you read this blog, tell your child to whisper that I owe them a BIG FUZZY. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!