Saturday, February 15, 2014

Out with the with the new!

Frozen box straight from the North Pole! The kids were so excited!
Here we are reading the letter from Santa that was inside the box.
The first thing Santa wanted us to do was to name our new classroom elf.
After we named the elf, Cubert, he left us one of our favorite markers.
The next day, Cubert left a tiny little mailbox with some blank notes so that the kids could write to him.
While the kids were at specials, Cubert left them this note on our Smartboard.
Cubert left the kids some new pencils!
Cubert was acting awnry & flipped our computer screen sideways! Silly Cubert!
Since the kids were being so well behaved, Cubert left them a treat.
Uh oh, someone left the lid off of a marker & Cubert was upset.
They loved this special treat!
This sign showed up outside of our door!
Cubert left 5 little containers filled with itty bitty fuzzies.
The students were getting a little sad while we were packing everything up. Cubert thought they needed a little cheering up to take their mind off the big move.
Before we knew it, Cubert had an AR book in front of him.
They had to take Cubert everywhere with them from the start. Here they are working on their handprint calendars.
Cubert was found on "M's" desk for his birthday! He was so excited!
Cubert changed the lunch menu!!!!!
Uh-oh! Someone accidently touched Cubert :o( We got "Emergency Magic Elf Dust" straight from the North Pole.
Cubert's time was coming to an end & he was sad.
Uh-oh! Cubert wrote on the classroom wall with permanent marker!!!!!! 

Cubert was found hiding on top of the cubbies.
Cubert was found having a snowball right with some of our stuffed animals.
After "A" covered Cubert in magic elf dust, he was back to normal the next day.
Cubert was gone one day & we couldn't find him. We took a tour of our new school & look where we found him!
Speaking of our new we are on the first day back! First time ever putting anything in their lockers!

One of the first things we did was fill our book bins & went into "Read to Self".
Here we are establishing our brand new routines for our new classroom. Lots of new things to get used to.
Here is our new pencil sharpener. The "pencil sharpener captain" is calling tables to sharpen our pencils.
Here Mrs. Byrne is reading our first read aloud in the new classroom.
Here is Lauren reading a story she wrote about winter break. She did a fabulous job!

We are working in stations here....this is "word work".
I believe this was our Candy Land station day. Every game is a different review of what we have learned.
Time for a Michael Jackson brain break!
Here we are in Daily 5 stations which they LOVE!!!!
As you can see we are loving our new surroundings. It was SOOOOOOOO much work but I'm glad it's finally done! If you are reading this, tell your child to WHISPER to me that I owe them a "BIG FUZZY" by Tuesday! Photobucket