Sunday, October 16, 2011

That was "Easy", Chickens, Stars, Apples, Game Day & More

Did you ever wonder what the EASY button can be used for??? Well, I finally figured out a reason....

I love hearing "That was easy" go off all day! That is ringing to my ears that one of my students just passed an AR test & they were just dying to push that button & run to get their BIG warm fuzzy :)

You might have heard that I started to call my students that don't raise their hands "chickens". Yes, it's true, I do in fact call those little "blurters" chickens & that is my code that they owe me a fuzzy for not raising their hand. This is a fabulous story that inspired this little joke between us. We were having a problem with following that rule so something had to happen & it's amazing how many hands are in the air now. :o) 
We have been doing the "Work on Writing" rotation of Daily 5 for several weeks now & they LOVE IT! Here are some pictures of them writing in their journals. 

 And this is why we need seasonal stickers  & stamps......
You would be surprised how they race to write now! They love it! This is something that can be done at home as well :o) 

"J" as Star of the Week
"E" sitting in her throne as Star of the Week
Apple Unit Fun 

 Our first AR celebration! 
Game day with Mrs. Ramirez's class! 

Finally, here is a class picture to thank our H.S.A. for funding some books for our classroom! Our Daily 5 bins are bursting with new books! Yippee! 

If you read this blog have your child, grandchild, niece or nephew tell me I owe them a BIG FUZZY! Valid Monday morning ONLY.



  1. I so have an easy button...somewhere - have to find it now! :)

  2. Will you please explain the daily 5 to me?

    1. Here is the website for tons of resources on the Daily 5. It is a FABULOUS program that helps increase comprehension and a love for literacy in students. Go to this link to find out all about the program, watch videos, look at activities, and definitely sign up for the newsletter which has new free tips each week. It has HUGE success in our area up in Chicago.

  3. Could you explain a little how you use the stickers with the writing. If you did, I didn't see it. Sorry. It looks like the stickers help guide what they are writing about. Do they place one sticker at a time and write, or are all stickers on the page and then then story writing time?

  4. Howdie Mrs. Dillards! I salute you for being such a great teacher to your students, I really admire you for that. I am very much amaze with the stickers and stamps, really it helps the kids to become creative and to become witty with what they are doing. :) marketing stickers