Tuesday, September 8, 2015

2015-2016 Beginning of the Year

Welcome to Mrs. Dillard's classroom! I have been waiting to accumulate some pictures of us in action in our classroom. Feel free to save them by right clicking and saving the photo. I will be adding photos monthly. Enjoy!
This is our official first full week of school when we had everyone present.
Here we are learning about school rules and discussing our classroom characters.
Here they are building their stamina during "Read to Self".
Here are my two volunteers demonstrating the "right" and "wrong" way to sit during "Read to Someone" during Daily 5.
Here is a peek into our reward coupons that I created. If the box has "10" that means it costs ten fuzzies for the coupon.

Here we are learning about how to earn warm fuzzies.

 Here we are watching my class from last year and how they choose their stations for Daily 5.
The Dillard VIP tent is new this year! After we traded in our fuzzies for the first time, I write down the amount of fuzzies each student accumulated. I believe in rewarding positive behavior. I start out with the student who earned the biggest amount of fuzzies. They are the first one to enjoy the VIP tent. They get to pick a friend to enjoy the tent with them. I move on down the list until everyone has had a turn.

Here is our VIP tub which is also new this year. I knew that I was having some issues with "verbal overflow" and I needed to provide some incentive for the tables who were not having that issue :o) I also like to build a classroom community immediately and reward when tables are helping each other with directions, difficulties, listening, etc.

I am so proud of how fast they are independently taking AR tests!!!! I don't think we have ever started as early as we did this year!

Picking out "super supplies".
These students were able to choose a friend to eat lunch with me. I believe they paid 100 FUZZIES for this coupon!!! 

We finally started "Work on Writing" during Daily 5 and they LOVE IT!!!!

We also started "Word Work" during Daily 5. Here they are playing a short "e" Candy Land game.
We also started math tubs! Earlier than expected & they are doing G-R-E-A-T!
"V" cashed in her "read to the class" coupon!
If you read this blog, tell your child to WHISPER in my ear that I owe them a BIG FUZZY. Deadline is Thursday. Photobucket

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