Monday, August 29, 2011

Daily Five

I started teaching lessons to get them ready for the "Read to Self" portion of Daily Five. When I teach these lessons I talk about building their stamina. Mrs. Jones & I did a lesson comparing building your stamina during yoga to building our stamina during "Read to Self". Here are a few pictures that are just too adorable for words! 
I told you they were too cute! 
We also picked books for our book bins. Each of the children have their very own book bin to store 5-8 "just right" or "good fit" books. You might be hearing those words. In order to understand it better I have linked a worksheet that explains it very well. 

Basically, when your child is picking out a book I tell them to use the "5 finger rule" for choosing a "good fit" or "just right" book. They open up a book to the middle page & for every word they don't know they put a finger up. 0 fingers=too easy, 1=3 fingers=just right, 4-5 fingers=too hard. This will enable them to pick out books in our classroom library, our school library & the public library. 

I posted a ton of pictures under the "classroom photos" tab. Check them out! 


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