Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Fun

We had so much fun celebrating Halloween...check it out below!
Mrs. Kelley working on "A" journal with her. We will be doing the same type of writing for all holidays. I picked up some Fall"ish" stickers but we could always use more! The kids absolutely love this!
Notice the heart?? This is called a "heart map". Each child made their very own heart with their own interests inside. Grab one here so you can print it out & have them do one at home to get them writing more!
Here is our monthly writing! Oh how far we have come since August! All of these beauties will be put into their memory books.

Now for some spooky costume pictures!

Aren't they the cutest first graders you've ever seen!
All dressed up waiting for the parade to start. We were very good listeners while Mrs. Kelley read a Halloween book.
 The room moms were in the back corner working hard getting ready for our party.
After the parade eating a snack.....
The mummy wrap...yay!

Thank you to the room moms & everyone that sent goodies in for our party. The kids had a blast!
To celebrate our AR goal (2 points) for the month of October we decided to make witches brew. This was the first year we did this & the kids absolutely loved it. It was designed by yours truly ;o) Here is a list of the spooky ingredients.

The first grade teachers put our witches hats on & used our best witch cackles and made some witches brew!
Here is our set up.......

This is me posing for the paparazzi...just kidding.
Look at all those AR rock stars!
Watching a 2 minute witches brew video to get the crowd pumped up!
Just got done mixing all the ingredients one at a time....as the kids were screaming "EEW!"
And here it is...not as gross as they thought :o)
Today we wrapped up all the Halloween festivities with a graphing activity with Halloween treats!
We can make anything educational ;) Have your child, grandchild, niece or nephew tell Mrs. Kelley or I that your read the blog by Thursday & they will get a BIG WARM FUZZY!


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