Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fall Fun, Cows, Daily 5 & Thanksgiving Day Feast

 Here is Mrs. Kelley and the kids getting ready to do some pumpkin experiments. She discussed whether the pumpkin would sink or float & also did some seed estimation activities. 
And now for the pumpkin guts.....EEW! 
Counting the seeds...they were so brave!
 This is a you didn't think you were going to see this. Well, Mr. I came to our class to teach us on....LAPTOPS! 
Before we got to touch the laptops Mr. I did a great mini-lesson on how to handle and care for the laptop. 

This was a struggle for them. They have these cool laptops in front of them & still couldn't touch them...we used great self control.
 Mr. I even had an interactive Smart board lesson to help us understand why it's called a C.O.W. 

Then Mr. I taught us about the parts of a laptop & the difference between a laptop & desktop. To think I never saw a computer until high school! 
 And we get to open them..I could still hear the ooohs & aahs! Too cute! 
Turning them on.........
Mr. I ended our 1st lesson with an assessment Smart board game to see what we learned. We can't wait to have our next lesson! 
Here is Mrs. Kelley working with the kids on a Veteran's Day writing activity during Work on Writing in Daily 5. 
Making a T-chart in Word Work separating long & short vowels. 
Read to someone...............

 Read to self.............

 Listen to reading..........

I never knew how much they would love this activity! I created iphone look-a-likes. They "text" a spelling word then write in on the line. It was beyond adorable! 

More word work...............
I was looking for indoor recess games & stumbled upon this game called.......
It's such a great game & I just made it more educational and it's now in our word work center. It's a fun way to practice sight words! 
Since the kids enjoyed the Candy Land sight word game I created, I made 18 different games to supplement the first grade curriculum! They L.O.V.E this game! 
This is one of many Thanksgiving themed activities for Daily 5. This one they put the words in ABC order & then write a sentence using each word. 
I just loved the way all my little Indians looked for the feast! They had such a wonderful day! Here are some pictures of them during the feast. One little, two little, three little Indians..........

If you read this blog tell one of those little turkeys I owe them a BIG, WARM FUZZY! Make sure they whisper it to me so word doesn't spread ;o)
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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