Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back to School

I am so excited to be back in school! I am like a student when it's back to school time! The kids are doing FANTASTIC in my class! I haven't had to drop one clip yet! This is going to be short & sweet since I am posting from school. Hubs forgot to set up U-verse in the new house so I have no cable or internet till next week....help me! At least it was a good distraction and I got a lot of unpacking finished...yippee!
Friday Fun! If we have a good week we get to do adventuresinfitnesstv.com. They love it!
Our first time shopping for books for Daily 5.
J is building his stamina in "Read to Self".
Building our stamina in "Read to Someone".
Morning responsibilities. R is picking her lunch.
Handing mail into my mailbox.
Getting morning work.
How do we get home??
Mrs. M reading the class a story about a fire drill.
Sharpening 2-3 pencils.
Handing in homework.
Taking our binder out of our backpack.
Playing Boggle.
Hanging our backpacks.
Rainbow writing our spelling words.
Practicing our fluency with Roll and Read.
Building our stamina to 10 minutes.
Candy Land Math stations!
Read to self....love it!
Today was our first day in "Listen to Reading". They loved it!
I hope you liked taking a peek into our classroom. If you read this blog tell them to WHISPER "I read the blog" to me right when they get here & I'll have a surprise for them. Toodles! Mrs. Dillard Photobucket

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