Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween & more!

I'm finally getting around to posting some recent pics from our very exciting Halloween partaaaay! The room moms did a spooktacular job! The kids had sooooo much fun!

                                         Decorating their treat bags!

               The Michael Jackson vampire!

 Trying to get them in a circle in the gym...tons of fun :o)
                                       Playing pass the pumpkin!

                 More spooky & fun games :o)

                 The Mummy Wrap....always so popular!

Isn't this the cutest ballot box you've ever seen?? We will be learning about the presidential candidates next week and the whole first grade will vote.

 After I read the touching story....Thank You, Mr. Falker we discussed the main characters of the story. The story is about a little girl that wasn't reading as well as the other kids. There were many kids that made fun of her and picked on her because of it. She was very frustrated and was ready to give up until a teacher named Mr. Falker came to her school. He completely changed her life and helped her "light bulb" come on. The author wrote this book about her own life.  After we filled out our author's purpose graphic organizer we discussed and shared our stories of being bullied then we got to destroy our paper!
We discussed hurt feelings, bullying, bucket dipping, etc. They all shared stories and none of you were the bully or bucket dippers :o) I then had them crumble up their papers! They were told to stomp on it, kick it and step on it. This lesson had quite an impact. I had them try to straighten out their papers & get out all the wrinkles (scars). The paper represents what happens when you are bullied or bullying someone else. No matter how hard you try those scars (wrinkles) will never go away. I had them apologize to the paper, it was still destroyed. Even though they have smiles on their face in the picture below, it really impacted their hearts after the picture.


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